About author and paintings

Božidar A. Kolerič

Božidar Kolerič
Božidar A. Kolerič was born in Slovenj Gradec, in a valley among Uršlja Mountain and the forests of Pohorje. As a child, he has already manifested some unusual abilities: he learned to walk very early on, and he started to speak, sing and express himself through drawing much earlier than is usual with children.
He spent his childhood immersed in a world of music and painting. He felt his potential and talents very strongly throughout his adolescence, especially his talent for music. He therefore decided to dedicate his life to music in the field of which he worked professionally for quite a few years – as a music editor on a radio station, as a producer, music arranger, but also as an author of music for well known Slovenian singers and groups. He produced music for Slovenian and foreign markets, for different projects in theatres; he worked with many famous and renowned musicians. He played a trumpet, a piano, and a guitar in many musical ensembles with whom he released a number of musical projects, but he also released a couple of his very own.
His artistic potential, especially for painting, was quietly evolving inside of him all through his musical career, right up until a very important change in his life, which allowed him to recognize the real mission in his life. He dedicated his life to making music and paintings that help people with their vibrations and enable them to recognise their real nature and the meaning of life. And so BeArt Angel was born.
The author describes his paintings: “The paintings are intended for people who feel that their energy connects to those of the paintings and do not strive to fulfill the expectations of the professional critique. They are painted with passion and should be viewed and felt in the same manner. They are not a mere aesthetic accessory; in fact, they are living, active, beneficial helpers.” The many owners of such paintings in Slovenia and all over the world firmly believe this to be true.


We can only evolve from our true selves and not through what we think we are. Objective art offers us support in such endeavours. The paintings are tuned to that basic, true and universal Essence that resides in us all.


The paintings encourage us to seek the inner potentials, inherent to every individual, to realise our reason for being and become the creators, the artists of our own lives. Art does not simply mean making material forms, but rather using them to create a higher level in the consciousness of our being.
The paintings are custommade for each client – for individuals, couples, children, families, homes, business spaces, wellness centres, meditation spaces, yoga studios, centres of personal and spiritual growth, medical institutions and many more. Each painting is equipped with the description of its function and purpose. A special gift is included with it: a compact disk with the acoustic image of the painting which enhances the painting’s purpose and function. The author and performer of the music is the painter himself, so the paintings are truly unique in this sense. The paintings are created with acrylic or oil paints on canvases of various dimensions with added crystals, semi-precious and precious stones or gilding.

The author also exhibits in Slovenia and abroad.