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Božidar A. Kolerič

Božidar Kolerič’s paintings find a special place in every room. Once they are exhibited, the power of colours and the expressiveness interlace, creating an integrated whole. An observer of the paintings can feel their inner strength and clarity, an inner guidance reflected in harmony, which leaves no one indifferent. Each painting represents a moment in time that the painter captured and transformed into a beautifully coordinated rhythm of colours, materials and messages. Each painting has its own story, a story of all of us. Everyone can find themselves in one of the stories, everyone can find their inner mirror, which is further enriched and enlightened by the presence of minerals. A large room illuminated with a single painting by Božidar Kolerič becomes complete, while a room enriched by more of his pictures becomes a dance of colour, harmony and beauty. As such it approaches the observer and illuminates his innermost thoughts about existence and the art of living.

Tadeja Jere Jakulin, PhD

Grosuplje, October 2015

Door to awakening
Sacret heart
The eye of Counsciousness
Loves without home
Energy balance
Heart Confidence
Archangel Michael
Colors of life II
The power of now
Flower of life
Flower of life 1
Guardian & Guide
Water, Love and Gratitude
Chakra tuning
Let's get to know each other
God is light

Colours of life

Colour mirrors

Healing BuddhaHealing Buddha

Emotional transformation
Gift od God

Stairway to Heaven
Guides - Creators
Emotional Transformation
Healing mandala
The liberation of thoughts
Inner sun
New pespective
Ponovna povezava
Štirje elementi
Nadangel Michael
Vijolični plamen
Vir in ščit
Zavestno ustvarjanje
Zlata vrata zavesti
Zlitje detalj
Mozaik življenjaMozaik življenja